January’s Books

I don’t do New Years resolutions. At all. But this year, I decided to see how many books I would read in a year. Those that know me, know that I read widely, and I read A LOT. I don’t mind rereads either. I like rereads. When I read a book for the first time it is a surprise. On a reread, I take note of the structure of the writing and the forms of the language the author used. A reread allows me new insight into preloved stories.

In fiction, I read fantasy primarily, though there’s a bit of sci-fi/crime/thriller/young adult thrown in.¬†Other genres make a rare appearence, though as a general rule, I don’t read any literary fiction, romance or erotica. I read a lot of non-ficton, on a lot of different topics.

I have a Kindle, but also A LOT of physical books. I’m not counting all the reading I do for university in this, either. I’d guess that 15% of what I read is for university.

So let’s see what January had in store for me…

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