Random Welcome Message

So you haven’t heard of my name? Chanced across my blog on a random roll of the internet dice? That’s cool. I’m new to this platform, though I’ve been out there a while. Not under this name.

You might have seen my snippets of wisdom out there in the NaNoWriMo world as reiknight. Or you might have read my old LiveJournal, also reiknight. There are various other places I’ve been lurking, always as reiknight. I found something I liked, I stuck with it. Of course, it also points back to my massive Work In Progress, but that’s an extra bonus.

I am a writer, an author, a person who gets to share their head with a hundred different voices, all screaming for me to tell their story. My works loosely fall into the genre of fantasy, though I don’t like trying to pin the stories into genre. It’s like wrestling an cat into a onesie; there’s always going to be a an leg or two sticking out somewhere, or I’ve found I’ve stuffed two legs into a sleeve, and where I do  stick the tail? If you walked into a bookshop, you’d look in fantasy to find my works.*

I like to take a pinch of humour, a good handful of sword and sorcery, several scoops of adventure, a spoonful of urban, a dash of sci-fi and mix it all together. On taste testing, I might add something to compliment or contrast with the flavour of what I produce. It’s an organic way of doing things. I rarely have a neat and orderly plan – I like to just write and let the characters and the setting speak for themselves! If I can make you think that you’ve been sucked into my world to stand beside and feel with my characters, then I have done my job!

Who am I beyond the pen and keyboard? That would be telling. That’s right, I’m in the business of show and tell. My name is TJ Calvert, I’m a writer who lives and breathes fantasy and could happily sit and talk shop all day long. I’ve had short stories published in e-zines, but sadly, the place they were published folded, so I can’t even direct you there. I’m owned by cats, live with a handsome and awesome Manasaurus Rex, and I work retail as a day job until I finish my accounting degree. Or I do all that until I become a fantasy superstar, in which I will give up the day job and the degree and sit in front of a keyboard, putting my worlds to pages. In my downtime, which is rare, I read, I garden, I make things.

So, welcome. Hope you stick around to read my ramblings.

*Well, you’d find them there if they were published and found on a shelf. For now they litter my hard drive and make their way into the world, and you, interested and curious reader, get to join me on the ride to publication. 


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