University Break

I’m off from university for a week or two. Finished my exams on Wednesday last week, jumped headlong into work and writing while I can, since this break is a short one and next term I’ve taken on an extra subject.

Ah, the writing. I miss it so. The swirl and swing of words dancing through my head. Why is it as I’ve gotten older, I’ve had less time to devote to writing. I know it does good things for my peace of mind. When I’m down, I should write. It allows me to unwind and flex mental muscles.

I have spent the last few years since regaining a favourite writing tool, picking at my endless work in progress, Iceheart, and then getting distracted by shiny NaNoWriMo projects – Possession, 18 Years and Fractured Mirrors, Broken Glass.

Every university break I promise myself I’ll work a little more on Iceheart. Every break I fail miserably. Not this one. 12,900 words and counting since last Wednesday. That’s a good start. I go back to university on the 6th. I think I’m going to treat myself to some days off spent in a cafe or two, happily writing away.



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