February’s Books

February’s books…

I didn’t read a single book during February.

What I did read, as evidenced by my Chrome history, is approximately 350 TV Tropes pages and subpages.

I can’t even begin to calculate how many words there are on those pages.

Suffice to say it was A LOT of words.

Each TV Tropes page has multiple subfolders in addition to its main page. I read the ‘Main’ ‘Analysis’ and ‘Quotes’ pages always, but then I limit myself to reading the ‘Literature’ subfolder and occasionally the ‘Real Life’ folders, assuming there is a Real Life folder available.

Even so, it’s still a lot to take in, and you end up doing a Wiki Walk through things you never dreamed you’d be clicking on. the_problem_with_wikipedia

I did a fair bit of reading TV Tropes during March as well while I was still on university break.

I did purchase two new books to read though: The first two of Piers Anthony’s Incarnations of Immortality series, which I’ll be starting as soon as I can.

Continuing in February:

Ultimate SAS Survival – John Lofty Wiseman – 393 pages – Hardcover Ultimate Edition. Non Fiction: Survival.


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